Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church

Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church (GRPC) was started in the fall of 2004 by a group of believers gathered under the leadership of Hillcrest Presbyterian Church in Volant, Pennsylvania. Members of the group come from Clearfield, Elk, and Jefferson Counties. The goal of the group was to become a new congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in the DuBois area, under the oversight of the Presbytery of the Ascension (PCA). During the first year of its existence, GRPC had various speakers coming to preach for its services. In the fall of 2005, Pastor Charles Winkler came to serve the group on a full-time basis. The congregation was organized as a particular church of the PCA on October 21, 2007. Derek Miller was called as the associate pastor in 2009, and was installed on March 27, 2010. On December 31, 2011, Pastor Charles retired and Derek Miller became the pastor.

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

The PCA came into existence in 1973 as a result of a strongly perceived need for a scriptural, evangelical and Reformed witness for Christ. The denomination wants to honor God and His Word, desiring to build a fellowship of believers in Christ that is committed to evangelism, Christian education and training as top priorities in the church. Pastors and church officers must affirm without compromise the great biblical beliefs of Christianity as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Many of the churches now in the PCA did separate from their former denominations because of the compromise of our basic Christian teachings. Though the PCA earnestly desires close fellowship with Christians of like mind, we want to have no part in the National or World Councils of Churches because of their pluralistic theology.

When the PCA came into existence, it began with 250 congregations and 50,000 members.

Within a few years it grew to include more than 500 churches with nearly 80,000 members. In 1982 the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod joined with us, bringing almost 25,000 new members. As of December 2006, there were approximately 1400 churches and 300,000 members. For a brief history of the PCA go to the Brief History of the PCA.